Anti-Rhymer Cattes-1
Author: jhox


If Mon Mothma is not available, 'General Dodonna' would be a suitable alternative.

Position Squadrons carefully to avoid enemy 'Intel' and 'Escort', if possible.

Prioritise Rhymer as a target, if shielded by 'Escort' then simply try to Engage as many enemy squadrons with your own squadrons - put your own squadrons in one at a time if need be, that's four turns minimum reducing the Rhymerball's attack capability.

If enemy is shielded by 'Intel', move into a position that is outside of the range of the 'Intel' squadron but within range of other squadrons. A-Wings speed will be useful for this.

If enemy 'Intel' squadrons move to counter your engaging squadron, repeat the process next turn with another squadron.

MC80 Command Cruiser

106 base points + 0 upgrade points

MC30c Torpedo Frigate

63 base points + 0 upgrade points

CR90 Corvette B

39 base points + 0 upgrade points

A-Wing Squadron

2 squadrons 22 total points

X-Wing Squadron

2 squadrons 26 total points

48 total squadron cost

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